The James New York - Nomad

Beaux-Arts Beauty


Our team collaborated with influential New York-based, Danish-born, architect Thomas Juul Hansen on furniture for all 344 rooms and public areas in this luxury hotel.  

Pieces were crafted in a range of specialist finishes and materials such as marble, walnut, brass and wrought iron to capture a warm, modern, residential aesthetic; at the same time complimenting the classic, Beaux-Arts architectural detailing.

The brass minibar cabinet in each room epitomises this blending of old and new, and is a testament to our exceptional craftsmanship, innovative product development and world-class manufacturing.

The cabinet, which pays homage to vintage radios, is almost entirely constructed from brass, adding dimension, character and romance to an otherwise conventional hotel room appliance.  Industrial aspects of the design, including an intricately hand-wrought tubular frame and mesh panels, are juxtaposed beautifully with etched glass shelves and LED edge lighting.